Cut off Saw

Cut Off Saw – Hydraulic Hose Saws

The ICS Cut off Saw was originally designed and manufactured by Lees industries of Rangiora in 1979, this revolutionary design has been a feature of New Zealand hydraulic hose and fitting technicians since.

With 4 models of varying voltages to choose from, there is a saw to meet every need.

ICS Cut off saws are designed to cut clean through textile braided, wire braided and multi spiral hydraulic hoses. They are designed to eliminate frayed or ragged ends, thereby making hose assembly easier, this eliminates some premature hose failures.

1 Cut Off Saw – Hydraulic Hose SawsTwo pegs ensure that the hose is bent during the cutting process, giving a good clean cut with little or no debris in the hose after the cut. (It is still recommended that all hoses are cleaned after cutting with a wad to ensure no contamination of the hydraulic system)

A hand lever supports the hose and feeds the hose onto the guarded blade.

Cut off saws are designed to cut the following types of hoses

Hose sizes from 6mm (¼” ) up to 50mm (2”)
One & two wire hose
Stainless steel braided hoses
Teflon Hoses
Multi Spiral up to 1 ¼”
Suction Hose
Rubber hose

Note: While the saws are capable of cutting larger hose diameters, it is strongly not recommended



COS-12V – Mobile Van 12Volt 1200W Cut off saw.

COS-24V – Light truck 24Volt 1200W Cut off Saw.

COS-230V – Work Shop 230Volt Single Phase 2.2KW Cut off Saw.

COS-400V – Workshop 400Volt 3 phase 2.2KW Cut Off Saw.